A sound and updated Fire Fighting system comprise of many sub-systems. The major sub-systems in the fire system are as follows:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Hydrant and Riser systems
  • Fire Detection systems
    • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)
    • Public Address Systems (PAS)
  • Fire extinguisher systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Pump room designs and calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations for sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarm system and Pump system panel


Fire Fighting System Installation


We have mastered the art of flawless installation of these systems even under rigorous conditions in our experience spreading over 18 years. Proper installations are a key to the sound health and also life of the system. A good engineering design and high-quality materials would be at stake if they are not installed in a proper way.


We have our team of certified welders, fitters, riggers and also semi-skilled laborers who are working in tandem with us in our projects. So confident are we of our workmanship, that we offer a one year guarantee* in our installation works. We also ensure proper finishing touches to the installations to maintain the highest degree of aesthetics. All in all, a healthy, robust and also neat system installed on your premises.


For all our installation works, we use only certified and also branded machinery, tools, and tackles. We also recommend the use of high quality and certified consumables to assure proper results and longevity of your Fire Fighting systems. We follow a ‘No compromise’ policy and also adhere to the highest standards of work practice for all our processes including Installations.


Another feature, apart from high-quality workmanship, is the high-speed we exhibit in our execution works. Timely delivery of work ensures minimal overheads helping in keeping your repair and installation budgets under your complete control.