Currently, a very large portion of the citizens and general public are unaware of the need to safeguard oneself from fire and its related consequences with adequate Fire Training. We, at Vaccifire, have pledged to fill in this gap to the best of our abilities and also share our knowledge to benefit the society on this front.


Fire Safety Training


A unique offering under our Vaccifire banner is the Fire Training we provide. Through our observations over the years, we have come to the conclusion of the fact that ignorance of the proper functioning of Fire Fighting Systems and a lack of know-how of the emergency protocol is rampant. Huge amounts of money are spent on Fire systems but in the event of a fire, the inhabitants are unaware of the immediate measures to be taken and fail to facilitate a smooth and safe evacuation. Lack of information and also proper know-how results in panic which often leads to unfortunate consequences.


We take our work seriously and also ensure that our customers get nothing but the best. Not only do we assure the smooth functioning of your Fire Fighting system. We also pass on the required technical and general know-how of your system. We believe in spreading the necessary awareness to the society and to our customers. We take pride in the feature of educating our customers and also enabling them to handle tricky and mildly critical situations first hand, if the need arises.


Under our Unified AMCs, we provide a unique offering to our clients. We provide an exclusive induction to one of your nominated members to become a ‘Fire Marshall’ for your premises. The person is trained on the general working of your Fire Fighting system and also made aware of the emergency actions required to be taken in an unfortunate event.


We also offer fire training in the following areas:

  • Conducting Mock Drills
  • Evacuation drills
  • Sounding off the alarms
  • Operation techniques of the basic Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Facilitating proper evacuation
  • Alerting the unaware inhabitants
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • And many more…