Fire System Design is the heart of any critical engineering system; be it the Fire Fighting system or any other functional requirement. A proper and sound design ensures the fool proofness of the Fire Fighting system and assures its effectiveness if the need arises.


Fire System Design


We, at Vaccifire, are backed by the 18+ years of experience in fire systems. We have our in-house design teams dedicated for all the pre-engineering that goes behind the successful working of a sound Fire Fighting system. Our team comprises experienced professional designers and draftsmen and also are backed by the latest tools and software technology to assist them in their work.


We are always abreast of the latest technology and trends in the Fire Fighting domain. The major systems we design in the Fire Fighting domain are:

  • Fire Sprinkler System Design
  • Fire Hydrant and Riser System Design
  • Fire Detection System Design
    • Fire Alarm System Design (FASD)
    • Public Address Systems Design (PASD)
  • Fire extinguisher Systems Design
  • Fire suppression Systems Design
  • Fire Pump Systems Design and Calculations
  • Hydraulic Sprinkler Systems Design and Calculations
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel Design
  • Fire Pump Control Panel Design


Fire System Design also ensures that our Fire Fighting system complies with the mandatory statutory norms as laid down by the National Building Code (NBC) as well as the Maharashtra Fire prevention and also Life Safety Measures act. Proper compliant designs are quintessential for attaining the necessary clearances for occupancy as well as for safeguarding the inhabitants at all times from unfortunate accidents.


For all your Fire Fighting system related design needs, Vaccifire is your optimum solution.