Sanitization Services

Residential Premises:  

There is a vast difference between cleaning and disinfecting a home. Cleaning solutions are great for removing dirt and grime, while disinfecting solutions work to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. To create a better and safer environment for your family, you should consider our professional Residential sanitisation services. We will help you and your home fight against the dreaded Corona and other germs & viruses. Read more

Shops / Office/ Clinics: 

Your commercial property is constantly exposed to germs due to employees coming in from various parts of the city. There is no need to worry. Vaccifire can help you maintain a healthy environment at the office for your employees, customers in your Shop and patients in your Clinic. Our professional commercial  sanitisation service will help you to fight against viruses and any infections arising from them. Read more

Housing Society: 

As an office bearer you may have a larger responsibility towards the safety and health of your society members. Constant influx of external personnel could be a cause of concern. High-touch areas of your building / Society can harbor millions of bacteria, germs and viruses and should be thoroughly disinfected and sanitized to encourage a healthy and safe Housing society. Our professional  sanitization service will help your society fight against harmful bacteria, including germs and viruses. Read more

Warehouses/ Showrooms: 

It’s our duty to ensure our Warehouses/ Showrooms are disinfected for the safety and health of your employees and subsequently of the customers, it is mandatory to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, it should be germ free and bacteria proof. Our professional sanitization service will not only help you fight Corona and other viruses but also instill confidence in your workforce. Read more