Fire Safety Training:


Fire Safety Training can be availed by:

  • All Commercial, Industrial & Residential Complexes
  • Residents, Security Unit, Members, Working staff, etc.


How often should a Fire Safety Training be availed?

  • It’s a personal preference; although we suggest it be done every 2 quarters.
  • Can avail it with the Fire Audit service.


Who is authorized to conduct Fire Safety Training?

  •  Only the agencies those are authorized and certified to conduct Fire Safety Training.


Why should a Fire Safety Training be conducted?

Currently, a very large portion of the general public is unaware of the need to safeguard themselves from fire and its related consequences with adequate Fire Training. Typically a Fire Control Unit takes anywhere between 3- 7 minutes to reach at the location of the incident. It only takes 3 minutes for a mild fire to grow extensively and cause major damage.

We aim to avoid any mishaps of such kind which is why we essentially advise of conducting a Fire Safety Training session.


Why us for Fire Safety Training?

  • Vaccifire is a licensed expert in Fire Prevention and Life Safety, authorized by Maharashtra Fire Department.
  • Essential knowledge and expertise in various and mandatory safety regulations and requirements.
  • Experienced in varied occupancies/industries.
  • Compliant with latest statutory provisions set by different Fire Department across Maharashtra.


We also offer fire safety training in the following areas:

  • Conducting Mock Drills
  • Evacuation drills
  • Sounding off the alarms
  • Operation techniques of the basic Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Facilitating proper evacuation
  • Alerting the unaware inhabitants
  • Basic rescue techniques


We hold the Fire license issued by Government of Maharashtra, making us an authorized service provider for Form B issuance.

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