What is an Fire AMC?

Fire AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a service provided to customers to help them keep their Fire Fighting installations in a proper working condition. It comprises regular check-ups and routine servicing for proper upkeep of the systems.


Preventive maintenance can save a lot of time and money. With the help of preventive maintenance services, it is possible to predict and identify parts which are on a verge of collapse prior to its failure and thereby avoid the critical failures.


We term our Fire AMC as ‘Unified AMCs’ as we offer complete convenience to our patrons. Ours is a one-stop-shop solution for all your fire-related needs in terms of service, repairs as well as installations. Also, a sound Fire fighting system comprises multiple sub-systems (such as extinguishers, detectors, hydrant system, sprinkler systems, etc.) which enable complete containment and prevention of fire. Under our AMC packages, we provide you with maintenance and services for all these sub-systems under one single roof.


Different types of Annual Maintenance Contracts (Fire AMC) we offer:

  • Non-Comprehensive Unified AMCs
  • Comprehensive Unified AMCs


Under our Unified AMCs, we ensure that your Fire Fighting system is in sound condition and entirely complying with the National Building Code (NBC) as well as the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life safety measures act. Once the compliances are met, we will issue ‘Form B’ which is mandatory to be submitted to the Fire department for subsequent clearances.


We hold the Fire license issued by Government of Maharashtra, making us an authorized service provider for Form B issuance.

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